My work explores the symbiotic nature of relationships within various systems, and how these relationships underscore the intricacy of human experience. I am also extremely fascinated by the similar dichotomy found within the symbolic imagery of the vanitas, where vibrant beauty and the pall of mortality subtly inhabit the same aesthetic space.  In my work, I draw upon the lush beauty of those still lives, recasting the familiar animals and natural elements in ambiguous narratives, offering a contemporary meditation on the complexity of existence.

In my drawings, the images often simultaneously expand while collapsing.  Animals are fused together through some external force in a moment of fixed transience.  In this way, these animals serve as empathetic placeholders for our own intersecting and complicated human experiences. Here, their species and stations in the natural world are irrelevant and upended; each is equally impotent against the uncertainty of its current situation.  Through extreme detail, dramatic lighting, and attractive compositions, I strive to create a superficial sense of harmony and unity.  However, upon closer examination the drawings reveal only upheaval or uncertainty.